Sometime in 2001, Six Seasons Review was launched by Emeritus Publisher Mohiuddin Ahmed (1944 – 2021) in Dhaka to meet – as the original editorial put it – “the long-felt need for an English-language Bangladeshi-Indian sub- continental, international periodical devoted exclusively to arts and letters.” The editorial written for the occasion also specified that “the only criterion for accepting submissions from contributors [is]…quality writing – in English and in English translations – poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama, belles letters, interviews, essays on literature, and other arts.”

Although Six Seasons Review lasted only for three issues spanning two years, it had managed to create at least a ripple in Bangladesh. True, the periodical seemed to have met the fate of all little magazines in being around for a while and then dying a sudden death, but it was not unlike some pretty good ones too in that it had attracted enough attention through those three issues for more than a few people to lament its demise for quite some time afterwards.

Six Seasons Review was re-launched eleven years later, because a few of us believed that more than before there was a definite need for a lively English-language little magazine from Bangladesh that would feature quality experimental and creative writing from the region as well as the wider world. The publisher and editorial collective of the new series of Six Seasons Review believe that the goodwill created by the first three issues of the magazine so many years ago, the success of at least a few Bangladeshi writers on the world literary stage in recent years, the very vibrant Dhaka Lit Fest held since 20011, and the stimulating writing on view in blogs and e-zines in our time, point unmistakably to one direction: there is ample scope for another run of Six Seasons Review. Also, events, actions keep arising in our part of the world everyday that need to be articulated through original, imaginative English writing for an ever- growing readership in Bangladesh as well as the world outside. And we are determined this time to do our utmost to keep going forward issue by issue towards meeting our original goal of publishing some of the best English language writing coming out of our region.

We hope all our readers will agree at the end of their encounters with the poems, stories and pieces we have assembled in Six Seasons Review, plus the images on offer, provide fascinating insights into the human condition, and glimpses of the world we live in.



Publisher: Abul Khair
Founding editor: Mohiuddin Ahmed
Editorial board: Syed Manzoorul Islam, Shamsad Mortuza, Luva Nahid Choudhury Editor: Fakrul Alam
Consulting editor: Sudeep Sen
Managing editor: Zeenat Chowdhury


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