Six Seasons Review is an English-language literary journal published by Bengal Publications. Originally launched in Dhaka in 2001—as the first editorial put it—to meet the need for “an English-language Bangladeshi-Indian-sub-continental international periodical devoted exclusively to arts and letters.” It published a wide variety of content, including poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, dramas, critical essays, belles letters, translations and other arts. Six Seasons was later revived due to the wealth of quality work being produced by Bangladeshi writers, living in Dhaka and abroad. Our publisher and editorial collective believe that there is ample scope for more issues of Six Seasons Review and is committed to publishing some of the best writing from our region. The fifth issue of Six Seasons Review was published in the third week of November 2016 – in time to be displayed at the annual Dhaka Literary Festival.

Six Seasons Review was launched in 2001 and became the first English-language periodical devoted exclusively to the arts and letters to be published in Bangladesh. It lasted for only three issues but attracted enough attention for more than a few people to lament its untimely demise.

Our journal will be published twice a year – in October and April – and is currently accepting submissions from Bangladeshi and international authors.We look forward to reading your work and sharing your stories with the world.

The publisher and editorial collective of Six Seasons are committed to publishing some the best English language writing from our region. As per the guidelines specified in our original editorial, “the only criterion for accepting submissions from contributors [is]…quality writing—in English and in English translations—poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama, belles letters, interviews, essays on literature, and other arts.”