Issue 1 Volume 3

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This November, we are pleased to offer our readers an especially rich issue of Six Seasons Review that we feel will delight you for its immense variety.
In particular, dear reader, we are sure that you will enjoy the wide-ranging collection of stories we have assembled here. From a cynical depiction of the mindscape of an embittered pump attendant in a London petrol station, to the tender evocation of intense emotions stirred by separation and unexpected union; from a magical affirmation of the power of love and imaginative writing, to the portrait of an aristocratic family falling apart in Bangladesh; from the story of a writer’s beginnings made vivid and real through “the truest of lies, fiction”, to a closely observed account of an American in Bangladesh whose “southern exposure” had transformed him; from the deft weaving of the cataclysmic events of 1971 in Bangladesh’s history with threads woven from family relationships, to a clear-eyed and sharp account of a beauty parlour in Dhaka; this issue offers you diverse worlds and amazing people captured skillfully and ingeniously from all sorts of perspectives. What is more, in the two splendidly translated tales we have collected, you will come across dramatic and gripping evocations of remarkable lives transformed into unforgettable fiction.





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