The Year Is New

Translated by Carita Nyström

The year is new,
not yet one day old
and still we know
it´s just a sequel
the sun will rise
the sun will set
there´ll be again a new moon

We know our wishes are
like dandelion seeds
We blow them
with good thoughts
out to the world,
We breathe and think,
imagining we´re adults
But should be more like children

The darkness thickens,
and the sun can´t help
The days we meet
are filled with quiet longing
It´s called humanity
and can´t be googled
Humanity is not for sale and
can´t be bought on-line
It lies in your empty hand
if you open it and see
Let the cat teach us:
to see in darkness
in and through it
The only way we can meet
the only way can we listen to
all the languages
that we can´t understand

Let´s start with the wind!